Our ability to create interactive systems in an augmented reality setting makes us stand out from the rest as THE AR developer to work with.  Augmented reality has been the focus of SpectroMotion, and we care committed to a continuous and never-ending practice of research and targeted experimentation to develop best practices for making AR practical and beneficial.

SpectroMotion developers can design and create interactive augmented reality applications that work on all of the AR devices on the market including the Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, Meta 2, Google Glass, Epson Moverio, Android and Apple mobile devices.

We create what can't be seen, and we specialize in augmenting that with the physical world around you in an interactive form.  At SpectroMotion, we understand  that AR profoundly changes how we can and will visualize the world around us long into the future.

From walking around and interacting with a yet-to-be-built MRI scanner, to seeing what is behind the walls of your existing building, we have the experience and skill you need to create an AR interactive for anything you can dream up.  Ask us now we can work together to help you achieve your goals with this powerful visualization tool.

Augmented Reality