Augmented Reality (AR)

There was a time, when a 3D illustration was considered cutting-edge and jaw-dropping.  However, that time was 20 years ago.  Today, a cutting-edge brand required at least the ability to interact with the 3D illustration so the user can see every angle as if they were holding the object or system in the palm of their hand.  Users expect to interact with the illustration in real-time, allowing them to change the appearance, turn things on and off, experience how something works, and even move around inside.

3D Illustration

3D Immersive Interaction

Virtual Reality (VR)

We create what can't be seen, and we specialize in augmenting those things that can't be seen with the physical world around you.  We see augmented reality profoundly changing how we can, and will, interact with the world around us now, and the distant future.

Our founder and CEO began this company with virtual reality as its basis, starting with his first interactive virtual world in 1997.  Since then we have developed virtual worlds for a wide variety of applications including immersing coal miners into mines, controlling virtual airport traffic, simulating mechanical operating procedures, and showing patrons the best ticketing options for the Indianapolis 500 or favorite Broadway show.


3D Animation

Proudly serving a variety of industries including medicine, professional sports performance, manufacturing, construction, real estate development, corporate presentations, marketing, advertising and more.  We are a leader in Visualization and Virtual Animation production, and our experience will lend itself to a stress-free project for you.